Atlanta Area Rotary Club announces new Red, White, and Blue Service Project.

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By Kate Stow

The Atlanta Area Rotary Club will be offering a flag service beginning on July 4, 2023. If you live in the Atlanta city limits, you can have an American flag placed in front of your home or business during six holidays for a cost of $40 a year.

The flags will be 3×5, affixed to poles that will be placed in the front yard at the curb. Price Hardware is donating metal pipe that will be drilled into the ground for the flagpole to be dropped into. The flags will be picked up after each holiday. This is the same program used in areas such as Jefferson and Texarkana.

Members of the AARC will place flags on the following dates: Independence Day July 4, September 11, Veteran’s Day November 11, President’s Day (third Monday in February), Memorial Day (last Monday in May), and Flag Day June 14.

If you wish to have a flag placed in your yard to honor a specific veteran, we will post that on the AARC Facebook page upon receipt of your payment. You can have more than one flag. The first flag placement of this program will be July 4, 2023.

Annual cost for multiple flags: 2-4 = $35 each; 5-9 = $30 each; 10-19 =$25 each; 20+ = $20 each.

This AARC fundraiser will be used to fund scholarships given annually to local graduating high school students, as well as to help fund other Rotary projects. Since its founding in 1926, the AARC has awarded millions of dollars in scholarships, at an average of $8,000 a year.

To be a flag waver, fill out the form below and return with a check or money order to: AARC, 1231 FM 251N, Atlanta, Texas 75551. You may also send payment via PayPal. For more information, contact Fern Porter at 903-691-9717.






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