Ask Dave-Dave Ramsey

November 7, 2023 Staff 0

Dear Dave, My husband and I want to do a live-in and flip real estate purchase. The idea is to buy a fixer-upper and rent […]

Home Sweet Home

November 4, 2023 Staff 0

The ownership we feel for places we have lived seems absolute. Any house we’ve called home was ours. No one else’s. Even if several others […]

Ask Dave Dave Ramsey

September 19, 2023 Staff 0

Dear Dave, My girlfriend’s parents are divorced, and they’re both in their early seventies. We talked the other night, and she’s thinking about buying them […]

Ask Dave Dave Ramsey

August 1, 2023 Staff 0

Dear Dave, My husband recently opened his own commercial painting company. We know he will have three months or so every year when he’s making […]